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It has never been easier or more convenient to obtain your first CPC card.

Enterprise offers a unique blend of study materials alongside online learning platforms giving you total flexibility to work around your own busy schedule!

What is Initial Driver CPC?

The initial Driver CPC qualification is split into two parts. The first is Module 2 which is a case study theory test and Module 4 which is a practical demonstration test. You must pass Module 2 before you can book and take your Module 4 test.

Module 2 – Case Studies

The test consists of seven case studies the driver works through on a computer. The case studies are basically short scenarios based on situations that are highly likely to happen in one’s working life as a lorry driver. The test has been written by industry experts and uses realistic scenarios that a driver may encounter when out on the road. The driver is asked between six and eight multiple choice questions on each of the seven case studies. The whole test lasts for 1 hour 55 minutes and the pass mark is 80%.

A pass letter is valid for two years and the driver must complete and pass the Driver CPC module 4 practical demonstration test within the 2 years, otherwise the driver will have to complete module 2 case studies test again.

Module 4 – Driver CPC Practical Test (Vehicle Safety Demonstration)

The Driver CPC Module 4 is an interactive test where the driver is expected to demonstrate and explain a number of operations that are required by a driver other than the driving itself. For this module, the driver is tested on being able to:

  • Load the vehicle following the correct safety rules and ensure the load is kept secure
  • Prevent trafficking in illegal immigrants
  • Assess emergency situations
  • Do a complete walk round vehicle safety check

What do you get with Enterprise?

Module 2

When you book you get 90 days access to a training portal that gives you the ability to practise as many times as you wish in order to prepare for your test.
We will also arrange your test for you which must be taken at a DVSA testing centre. We have a large number of test slots available so we can get you in on short notice should you need it. If you were booking externally the waits can be extensive.

Module 4

Enterprise have developed a unique ‘online learning platform’ that you can gain access to in order to study for the module 4 test. Gone are the days of having to travel to training centres. This can all be done from the comfort of your own surroundings.

On our online platform as well as having written instruction on each topic covered has a specially designed video that explains the potential questions that may be asked on the test and how you should prepare yourself to answer them. You also have the ability to test the knowledge that you have gained so that you know you are fully prepared when you go for your test.

We also offer the test at our Ancoats, Manchester training site where you will be greeted by one of our DVSA approved examiners who will test you on the knowledge that you have gained from the learning portal.

*Please note that packages are available for both Module 2 and Module 4. To find out more go to our Book Now page – HERE

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